Our Philosophy

Alexandria Sphynx is a small Texas cattery specializing in the exquisite Sphynx breed. Our Sphynx cats are members of our household, socialized with love to children and dogs. Health and temperament are our top priorities above type. We strive to produce beautiful sphynx cats that are excellent pets.

Our Cattery

  • Our ContractThe purchase contract protects that cattery, the customer, and the kitten...
  • ChecklistThis new kitten checklist will help you to prepare for bringing a new sphynx kitten into your home...
  • Hits & TipsFind our special hints and tips that will help you care for your sphynx...

The Breed

  • A Breed Apart The Sphynx cat has a very unique appearance, but his personality is even more unusual...
  • Sphynx Characteristics The Sphynx appears to be a hairless cat, but it is not truly hairless...
  • General Sphynx Health & Care While Sphynx cats lack a coat to groom; they are not maintenance-free. Body oils tend to build up on the skin...
  • Detailed Care Sheet The sphynx is attracted to all heat sources, and many of them are dangerous...
  • History The unusual characteristic of a hairless cat was probably a natural, spontaneous mutation...
  • Allergies Several customers of Alexandria Sphynx have reported successfully tolerating Sphynx cats...

Short Site Overview

We are a Texas Sphynx breeder producing exquisite Sphynx kittens and Sphynx cats. Our goal is to specialize in seal point and blue point sphynx kittens, however we also hope to have cream point, tortie, dilute calico, and van sphynx kittens. As a Texas Sphynx breeder we strive to keep our beautiful hairless cats as healthy as possible through our outcrossing initiatives. These naked cats are the most amazing pets you have ever encountered.

There are many cat breeders out there. Be sure to find out if they are selling registered cats and kittens that have been altered, so that they cannot end up in an abusive environment. Reputable breeders scan for HCM to protect the breed and to protect their customers. All of our Sphynx kittens are TICA registered Texas sphynx kittens. Sphynx breeders should tell you all about the care of Sphynx kittens. The Alexandria Sphynx cattery website has many sphynx photos to aid in your search. We can aid in sphynx history, care, tips and hints, new kitten checklists, and other such information about hairless cats.

We are within commuting distance of Dallas Texas and Forth Worth Texas. We will deliver to Austin Texas, San Antonio Texas, Houston Texas, and Abilene Texas for a shipping fee. If we do not have the kitten that you are looking for, we recommend Hoobly.com and KittySites.com. Contact us with any hairless cat questions.



Cattery taking a Holliday.
Our cattery is taking a break for rest and relaxation. Breeding may resume in 2016.


Gallery photos of Kittens in new homes updated!


New Waiting List
Committed customers can now take advantage of our new kitten waiting list.


Hoping for Kittens
Expecting typey F4 kittens from Nina and Danco.


January Kittens Ready
Current date that litters born in January are scheduled to be ready for forever homes.


New babies are born. Site will be updated in a few weeks.


Fall Kittens Ready
Current date that this year's Fall Kittens are scheduled to be ready for forever homes.


New Russian King - Danco
New boy expected with Champion Lines from Bastet-Max Cattery!


New Customer Bog!


Adventures of Leopold
New Customer Bog!


New litters
Especially bald kittens expected.


New shipping option
Kittens can be hand delivered by plane across the US. Prices vary and are higher than cargo shipping prices advertised by other catteries.